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speed4 08/05/2012 17h08

J'ai passé la commande de Dead Space (-16€ fdp) via
Dead Space: Jeux vidéo

Le jeu est vendu par Médiapearl (Allemagne)...Un magasin vendant principalement de l'occasion.

Le jeu peut -il être censuré d'après vous?..Sachant que le sigle porté est [USK 14]

speed4 14/05/2012 16h10

Dead Space commandé chez MédiaPearl (Allemagne),envoyé le 09/05/12;recu aujourd'hui le 14/05/12...Très rapide;)
Jeu d'occasion,mais d'un état quasiment digne du neuf;FR et STFR mais boite et notice FULL Deutch.

speed4 16/05/2012 22h56

Batman Arkham city à moins de 29€ sur

Itachi_33 28/05/2012 10h43

L'import c'est trop mort... ça doit faire plus d'un an que je n'ai plus commandé! je crois que la derniere fois c'étais en janvier 2011 :lol:
Apres je suis passé à la Fnac avec les chèque cadeau de 20 € avec des jeux à 45/55

d'ailleurs c'est fini les cheques cadeaux ?

speed4 31/05/2012 17h58

Pas un jeu,mais au passage,les clef usb ont vite baissé...
Une 32Go verbatim pour.....10€ neuf sur*: Commentaires en ligne : Verbatim - Pinstripe - Clé USB Drive 2.0 - 32 Go - Noir

shuyin 31/05/2012 21h33

+ 6€ de frais de port. :D

Samy060 17/06/2012 17h08

Hydrophobia Prophecy à 1,49 €, ça intéresse quelqu'un ?
Je cherche le DLC pour Gravity Rush offert par Micromania pour les préco :)

Akuma62 20/06/2012 00h01

PlanetAxel n'est plus :

Citation: is no more!

It is with great sadness, deep regret and utter embarrassment that we announce the closure and bankruptcy of

On Monday afternoon, June 18th, 2012 the board of directors have informed us that no further investment will be made in the company. This comes in light of the recently finished 2011 financials which showed such an insurmountable deficit and loss to company value that a swift decision was made almost overnight. We have been asked to provide a quick summary/FAQ of your options as a previous customer of with respect any outstanding orders/refunds.

If you have SHIPPED orders according to your order history but you have not received them yet
We have shipped out orders as late as the morning of Monday June 18th. If you order history lists your order as SHIPPED, then it has indeed shipped. If you are still to receive shipped orders, we would suggest waiting roughly 10-12 weekdays in which case 99% of all shipped orders will definitely have arrived.

If you have prepaid orders that have not yet shipped according to your order history
We will refund and delete all outstanding orders. Having said that; as this is a case of bankruptcy we fear that our accounts may be frozen at some point in the near future.


You must put in a claim with your bank, PayPal or Visa/MasterCard. For most customers this would be an issue for their local bank. Print this page and a statement with highlighted transactions. Tell them that you have paid for products using your credit card that you haven't received. Some banks will tell you that you have to file such claims within a 1-2 month period. THIS IS NOT CORRECT! Both Visa and MasterCard offer a THIRTEEN MONTH worldwide grace period for such claims. Be sure to INSIST on that despite what your bank teller may tell you!

If you have a voucher outstanding or have outstanding orders paid in full by a voucher
The voucher is unfortunately lost.

On a personal note I would like apologize to everyone that will be somehow affected or inconvenienced by this matter. I've spend half my life with the company (18 years in total) and it all ended today. This is not 'just business' to me, but sincerely personal. I can honestly say that this has been a sad, sad day for all of us here at the office but the fact that so many suppliers, affiliates, employees and most important of all, customers are affected by this bankruptcy is almost unbearable.

On behalf of everyone at I offer my sincerest and heartfelt apologies and thank you for your support over the years.

With sincerest regards,

Rasmus Christiansen, General Manager

speed4 20/06/2012 09h37

J'suis dégouté:cry:

Itachi_33 28/06/2012 22h16

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