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PSP 2.71 SE - Revision B'' vient de sortir

Salut tous le monde,

voici la nouvelle mise à jour de dark_alex :

2.71 SE - Revision B''

Another update mainly focused in umd/isos. Changes: - Added SFO version bypass to real umd's. (this should enable gta vcs umd to be played). - Fixed the problem of error 0x8002012D in certain games when plain modules is enabled. Because the problem is gone, the updater will reset the option of plain modules to enabled. If for some reason you still have that error, report it and disable the option, but it should be fixed now. - Found and corrected 3 bugs regarding no umd. * One of them affected Virtual Tennis and potentially a lot of other games. * The other two affected GTA LCS and GTA VCS. * Some games like Burnout Legend still don't run in no-umd because of what seems a kernel stack problem. Please, when reporting a game that doesn't work in compatibility lists, specify whether the psp crashes or if it locks up forever. That helps me a lot...

Pour la traduction, j'ai pas le temps, je suis au taf...

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