Homebrew Channel v1.0.1
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Nous vous en parlions il y a quelques temps !

C'est officiel, la Version 1.0 (beta 10) est sortie !


 Mise à jour 10/12/08 !

"Nobody's perfect" voici la version 1.0.1 ;)







Pour mémoire la HBC est une chaine accessible depuis le "Wii Menu" permettant de lancer des homebrews sans avoir à utiliser le Hack Zelda (Twilight Hack) à chaque reprise !


 Qu'est ce ce qui change ?



  • meta.xml now handles all ISO-8859-1 characters properly
  • Wiimote power button support (shutdown)
  • Wiimote rumble honors system setting
  • Fixed some crash bugs
  • Fix meta.xml UNIX style newline regression
  • All wiimotes work now, not just the first one
  • Classic Controller support
  • Nunchuk support (scroll only)
  • Guitar Hero 3 guitar support
  • Left and right change pages too
  • Hit 1 on Wiimote for net reload (like net icon click or GC Z)
  • Add information to installer
  • Fixed some networking issues with net disabled
  • Pushed in some text to avoid overscan crop
  • Widened video width to match system menu ("black bars" fix)
  • B returns from app screen (unless scrolling)
  • Try to initialize network earlier
  • Retry network init a few times
  • Fix a networking issue (libogc)
  • Reload stub now identifies itself (magic number)
  • Support broken HTTP proxies in update check
  • Show IOS revision in main menu

Quelques retouches et améliorations qui finalisent cette chaîne et qui devraient permettrent de patienter puisque la Team Twiizers semble vouloir se concentrer sur d'autres projets ...


Mise à jour 10/12/08



  • Fixed B button issues (app screen corruption, crash on B+A)
  • Wiimotes now keep the ordering from the System Menu (libogc) (note: they’ll switch again when you boot apps that haven’t been updated like HBC has - but they would have switched anyway, and HBC can use all Wiimotes, so you don’t lose anything while those apps are updated)
  • Hopefully fixed the USB Ethernet issues (couldn’t find a tester, even without a USB Gecko… it’s like they all disappeared after reporting the bug. Hope this fixes it)
  • Fixed wiimote auto-shutdown (libogc) (now you don’t need a ridiculously perfectly still wiimote for it to shut down - playing music won’t cause your wiimote batteries to die)
  • Hopefully fixed “video after shutdown” issues (libogc)
  • Changes to () -> *


Quelques heures seulement après la sortie, des bugs ayants été rapportés, la Team corrige le tir ... cette fois-ci c'est la bonne ?







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