mise jour de mapthis from Deniska.
crit par ciccio2a   
pour tous les possesseurs du GPS pour psp, Deniska vient de mettre jour son soft.


Voici ce que nous dit l'auteur sur la mise jour

- changed hdop display logic
- changed thread priorities and stack allocations
- added CPU clock control to GPS-INFO screen [UP]/[DOWN] - valid settings are 333/222/111
111Mhz could help PSP-290 users to get faster fix since PSP may make less EMP noise at lesser frequencies.
- added initlocation switch to PSP-290 GPS INFO screen [left]/[right]
- misc fixes

To install, overwrite you current (0.4xxx) version's EBOOT.PBP with apropriate EBOOT version and replace the system folder with the new one.


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