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Vieux 13/03/2007, 11h07   #1 (permalink)
Too old for this shit
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XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 12-03-2007 SVN rev8103 build - T3CH

T3CH a sorti une nouvelle compilation (rev8103) du SVN de XboxMediaCenter pour Xbox1.
Cette compilation comporte quelques additions:

+ AppleMovieTrailers (AMT) SVN pre-0.97 par Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pikes [scripts: Apple Movie Trailers]
+ ~110 presets de Milkdrop choisis par BritneysPAIRS's [visualisations: MD - BPs Selection]
+ XBMCScripts Installer 1.8 par EnderW & Blittans [scripts: XBMCScripts]
+ Snake 1.0 de Rockstar [scripts: Snake]
+ Tetris 1.0 d'Asteron [scripts: Tetris]
+ T3CH Downloader SCRIPT par Nuka1195 [scripts: T3CH Downloader]
+ Codecs pour mplayer [/system/players/mplayer/codecs/:*]

Notes spéciales de T3CH:
* Nouveauté assez cool, XBMC supporte maintenant le changement de fuseau horaire, même le nouveau système DST (Daylight Saving Time) que les USA viennent de commencer à utiliser.
* Inclusion d'une compilation d'icônes pour le nouveau client TuxBox, voir _tools/PictureIcon.rar.
* Il n'y a pas de nouvelle version du mplayer de TEST par elupus, mais vous pouvez toujours rapporter les problèmes avec le vieux TEST ici: (lien de téléchargement)
Il suffit de remplacer les 2 fichiers dans XBMC/system/players/mplayer/ si vous voulez aider la Team xbmc le tester.
* Modification du win32 run_me_first.bat afin qu'il se lance et démonte les lecteurs virtuels en sortie.
* Inclusion également de l'environnement XBMC Win32 PC environment.exe qui est destiné aux devs python et concepteurs de skin, en lire plus sur le concept ici. Celà a été compilé avec le Microsoft DirectX Summer 2004 SDK.
* Si vous voulez faire un rapport de bugs, merci de le faire d'une façon correcte.

Voici ce qui a été modifié depuis la build du 04-03-2007:

2007-03-12 8103 added: another dual episode naming convetion fixed: issue with progressbar during episode scans.
2007-03-12 8102 added: (somewhat hackish) support for two part episode files.
2007-03-12 8101 updated: German language file by sCAPe (Based on english strings version 8087)
2007-03-12 8100 fixed: if a partial episode guide was obtained, use what we got instead of failing.
2007-03-12 8099 fixed: better enumeration for episodes.
2007-03-12 8097 Added : PM3 wide Icon view types to Video Library for the new TV database
2007-03-12 8096 fixed: [ 1586251 ] GetSystemInfoByName&parameter=weather.temperature
2007-03-12 8095 updated: German (Austria) language (thanks to ceomr)
2007-03-12 8093 fixed: Video Export/Import wasn't quite right for tvshows
2007-03-12 8092 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 8087)
2007-03-12 8091 fixed: a typo in swedish language (thx to mitod)
2007-03-12 8089 added: Initial support for import/export of TV Shows from the video database. Still a few issues outstanding. fixed: Various issues with video database - users should ideally generate a clean one (export, delete, import)
2007-03-12 8088 fixed: Get Thumb from Album information didn't show if no local or thumb exists.
2007-03-12 8087 fixed: Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time.
2007-03-12 8086 added: Advanced settings for http proxy username/pass (<httpproxyusername> and <httpproxypassword>)
2007-03-12 8085 changed: smartxxlcd contrast code clean up
2007-03-11 8084 fixed: corrected US daylight saving time values and DST_DATE structure.
2007-03-11 8083 added: error number translation for read/seek failures in samba protocol.
2007-03-11 8082 added: you can now set default timezone for regions.
2007-03-11 8081 fixed: Timezone DST flag was inverted, NULL daylight standard name caused crash.
2007-03-11 8080 fixed: crash if you opened the context menu in empty directories in media windows.
2007-03-11 8079 fixed: [ 1663327 ] No context menu in empty folders w/"Don't display parents"
2007-03-11 8078 fixed: XBMC_PC broken with last commit.
2007-03-11 8077 added: Xbox Timezone setting support, with new US DST dates.
2007-03-11 8076 changed: DVD region moved from Video to DVD-ROM.
2007-03-11 8075 fixed: last bit of IoSupport "helper" cleanup.
2007-03-11 8074 fixed: After querying the DVD-ROM, the drive remains active waiting for verification.
2007-03-10 8073 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 8044)
2007-03-10 8072 updated: french language (thanks to frostbox).
2007-03-10 8071 fixed: Kernel version displayed unsigned values in kernel version as signed values.
2007-03-10 8069 changed: use two backbuffers in gui for non hdtv modes, results in less jitter if render thread get's stalled shortly.
2007-03-10 8068 changed: instead of waiting for vblank to avoid rendering thread to only yield on present, make it sleep by callback function instead.
2007-03-09 8066 fixed: minor cleanup in getepisodesbyactor
2007-03-09 8065 fixed: episode plot searches didnt work with the master lock enabled.
2007-03-09 8064 added: spanish movie scraper (thanks to jurrabi)
2007-03-09 8063 updated: spanish language (thanks to el pirana)
2007-03-09 8062 updated: finnish language (thanks to mikko70) updated: Chinese (Traditional) language (thanks to omenpica)
2007-03-09 8061 fixed: tvshow library nodes didnt work if the master lock was enabled.
2007-03-09 8060 fixed: tvshow library nodes didnt work if the master lock was enabled.
2007-03-09 8059 fixed: tv show scans didnt work.
2007-03-09 8058 changed: wait for vertical blank before presenting ( avoids spinlock causing high cpu usage while cpu waits for gpu to complete )
2007-03-09 8057 reverted: gui assisted rotation of ttf fonts (caused issues in other areas since keeping track of viewport changes is almost impossible)
2007-03-09 8056 changed: potential fix for menu's being in accessable in some dvd's.
2007-03-09 8055 updated: German language file by sCAPe (Based on english strings version 8044)
2007-03-09 8054 fixed: CIoSupport cleanup
2007-03-09 8053 fixed: misplaced include broke XBMC_PC
2007-03-09 8052 fixed: InternetState was not valid until the SystemInfo screen was viewed (first sysinfo refresh during startup)
2007-03-09 8051 fixed: missed xkhdd.h include in ApplicationMessenger.
2007-03-09 8050 removed: temporary files should not be versioned in SVN
2007-03-09 8049 fixed: BackgroundLoader attempted to spawn thread before thread construction.
2007-03-09 8048 changed: SpindownHarddisk moved from CIoSupport to XKHDD with the rest of the HDD functions. fixed: HDD commands executed outside of SendATACommand should be done at the IDE channel IRQL added: SMART enabling commands, status fixed: SMART is now enabled before SMART requests are issued fixed: HDD Temperature reading was completely wrong, is now read properly. fixed: SendATACommand no longer causes strange behavior and crashes on the Xbox.
2007-03-09 8047 changed: FreeMem display to be in kilobytes. added: CPU usage ( by inverted idle thread ) to FreeMem display
2007-03-09 8046 changed: use .m3u parser instead of hack in .pls parser to parse .strm files. They more resemble that anyway. Should .strm files even be considered a playlist?
2007-03-09 8045 fixed: .strm files with non internet protocols wouldn't be added to playlist
2007-03-08 8044 added: initial tvshow support.
2007-03-08 8043 updated: German language file by sCAPe (Based on english strings version 8041)
2007-03-08 8042 fixed: wrong headings for add upnp source dialogs.
2007-03-08 8041 changed: rename imdb thumb to remote thumb
2007-03-07 8037 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 8036)
2007-03-07 8036 fixed: missed translation in skin settings.
2007-03-07 8035 added: setAnimations() method to python. (This allows python scripts to be animated like the skins. Thanks to Asteron who made it work properly also nano- and cptspiff) You pass a list of tuples for each animation. You must pass them all at once, any subsequent call to setAnimations() clears the previous ones. Attributes are separated by spaces. eg self.button.setAnimations( [ ("event", "attr=value attr2=value",),("event2", "attr=value attr2=value",) ] )
2007-03-07 8034 removed accidentally left declaration
2007-03-07 8033 fixed: dvdplayer would playback choppy on multiangle dvd's likely due an odd bug in libdvdnav ( it misses NAV packets ) changed: allow seeking abit more often in dvdplayer
2007-03-07 8032 fixed: xbmcpc wouldn't render normal windows mouse when not active fixed: xbmcpc would often do something unexpected on activation with mouse
2007-03-07 8031 fixed: win32 build would spew warning on linking about imported functions being locally defined.
2007-03-06 8030 fixed: after the rounding fix for GUIFontTTF all font's appeared one pixel to high. (we increment m_cellHeight by two to make sure we have room)
2007-03-06 8029 changed: Xbox game dvd's now display the xbe description as the dvd label.
2007-03-05 8028 updated: scraper (thanks to smuto)
2007-03-05 8026 Fixed/Changed : PM3 file manager animations were incorrect
2007-03-05 8024 fixed: duplicate definition of g_sysinfo, different case, no reason.
2007-03-05 8023 added: setVisibleCondition() to python. This allow XBMC to take care of a controls visibility.
2007-03-05 8021 updated: German language file (small fixes)
2007-03-05 8016 added: xbmcgui.getCurrentWindowDialogID() method to python. changed: xbmc.getCondVisibility() method now passes the current active window or windowdialog id. (Fixes Control.HasFocus() condition in python) Thanks jmarshall again.
2007-03-05 8015 fixed: ttf font was unsharp on xbmcpc after last ttf rendering changes.
Source: Xbox-Scene Forums

Site officiel de xbmx: (manuel et FAQ)
Site officiel de T3CH:

Télécharger via FTP:
Login: xbins
Mot de passe: homebrew
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Vieux 14/03/2007, 11h53   #2 (permalink)
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Salut et merci pour c'est rensignement mais , question con, on peut du h264? avec cette mise a jour.
Une nes + une Snes avec une SUPER-FLASH 64M
GBAadvance édition nes + ecube 1G
Wii avec softMOD
PS3 avec PES8+GTA102cm HDTV et ampli Harman Kardon.
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Vieux 15/03/2007, 10h29   #3 (permalink)
Too old for this shit
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Ancienneté 90%
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Pour lire du h264, il faut déjà utiliser le nouveau mplayer de test par Elupus, les performances seront déjà meilleures par rapport à celui embarqué^^

Enfin il faut pas rêver non plus, on parle de résolutions standards là, pas de HD (comme le 720p), le pauv' cpu de 733Mhz il est plus tout jeune
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